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Need More Reasons To Spay And Neuter Your Pets? Check Out These Reasons!

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Everybody has heard stories of people who own a lot of cats or dogs but don't take care of them. Worse still, these animals were never fixed so that they would not continue reproducing. There are many good reasons to spay and neuter pets, and here are some of them for you. 

Many Adult Female Animals Can Have Multiple Litters a Year

If you start with three females and three males at the beginning of one year, you could quadruple the number of females able to mate and give birth by the end of that same year. Every female puppy or kitten born that is not spayed is ready to mate and reproduce after six months. If two female kittens are born to each successive litter from each adult cat, that ends up being dozens of animals by the end of one year. Trying to get that many animals out of one house would be very difficult for animal control.

Diseases Are Rampant Among Animals Sharing the Same Space

Fleas and ticks love nothing more than a grand buffet of animal blood. When you have dozens of animals in your home, your home is an invitation to these disease-carrying bloodsuckers to eat and breed out of control. Do not forget ear mites, scabies, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms, and tapeworms either. Cats with parasitic infections sharing litter boxes or the areas where they have chosen to urinate and defecate end up sharing their parasites, too. Contagious diseases, like feline and canine leukemia and feline HIV, are spread through mucous membranes and licking and grooming behaviors. When dozens of animals are being born into one space and living in that same space, they can all get sick very fast. 

Genetic Defects from Inbreeding Can Kill

There are reasons why people are not allowed to inbreed. Those same reasons apply to dogs and cats. The more that close family members breed with each other, the more genetic defects you will see in the offspring. Worse still, when the inbreeding is so bad that the animals are deformed, you can end up with animals that cannot eat or cannot move. Then you have to deal with animals that might die somewhere in your home.

Spaying and neutering can prevent excessive animals, inbreeding, death, disease, and the spread of parasites. For more information, reach out to a veterinarian to get more information about the spay and neuter process.