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Vet-Recommended Dogs For People With Allergies

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A common question for veterinarians comes from individuals who love dogs and would love to have one but are simply allergic. Allergies are not uncommon, especially where dogs are concerned. Fortunately, you do not have to give up on the idea of having a beloved pet. There are several types of hypoallergenic dogs to choose from.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small dog that also happens to be quite adorable with its thick, curly hair. Don't be fooled, though. This dog's hair does not collect dander, and it does not shed like other dogs. Plus, the Bichon Frise does not smell like other dogs either. You can maintain a clean house as a result.

It is important to bathe and brush your pet regularly, as grooming is important for keeping this dog allergen-free. Your veterinarian can help you understand the best way to take care of your dog.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is a loving addition to a family. These dogs are easy to train. In fact, they were once trained to help fisherman. This has made the Portuguese Water Dog a popular pet in recent years, especially in addition to the fact that they do not lose heaps of hair. They have a great reputation with families with kids too.

Chinese Crested Dog

While the Chinese Crested Dog has spots of hair, it is mostly hairless. This dog is quite friendly, which could be part of the reason it has been exported all around the world. These dogs are a great choice for people with young children because they are friendly.


The poodle is a relatively popular breed already, especially because it doesn't shed like many other dogs with thick hair. These dogs are very loyal, making them easy to train with a dedicated owner. In fact, poodles were trained to be part of the French army under Napoleon.

There are plenty of dogs you can own in spite of your allergies. And of course, once you have your new friend, you certainly want to know more about how to take care of them. It is important to look into these services to ensure the safety and health of your new pet. Call pet services today to learn more about the types of dogs you can own even if you have allergies. Now is also a great time to set up an appointment for your allergen-free dog.