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Three Times That Your Vet May Recommend CBD For Your Dog

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If you've used a CBD product on the recommendation of your family doctor and found that it has helped you in one or more ways, you might be curious to know if this is a type of product that could benefit your pet dog. Many veterinarians believe in the healing value of CBD and appreciate how it doesn't cause many of the side effects that other medications can cause. Don't hesitate to ask your veterinarian about giving CBD to your dog during the animal's next checkup. If your vet approves of this product, they'll likely give you some recommendations about the best type of CBD to use and the dosage that is appropriate. Here are some times that they may suggest using CBD.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that affects many dogs, particularly those that are elderly and those that are overweight. You may notice that your dog limps to some degree on walks or appears stiff when it's getting up from its bed. CBD may have some value in alleviating inflammation that often exacerbates sore joints. Although the relief won't likely be immediate, giving your pet a CBD product may lead to some improvements over time. For example, you might see that the pet isn't limping nearly as much when you take it on a walk.


Many humans take CBD to help reduce the difficult symptoms of anxiety disorders, and this type of product can also be useful for an anxious pet. While your dog won't have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, you may often see signs of its anxiety. For example, it may moan, whimper, or even bark at various times. Some dogs have separation anxiety from an early age, while others become more anxious as they get older. Lots of veterinary professionals will recommend giving a dog CBD in an effort to lessen its anxiety.

Low Appetite

CBD can also be useful for stimulating a dog's appetite, which may be important if your dog's appetite has decreased to a concerning point for one or more reasons. While your veterinarian will want to be sure of the reason for this change in appetite, they may feel that encouraging your pet to eat more will be in its best interest — something that may especially be relevant if the dog has lost a concerning amount of weight. Speak to a veterinarian clinic such as Angel Pet Hospital about CBD for your dog to get their insights on how it may help.