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Why It's Important To Stay Current With Your Pet's Vaccines

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Vaccinations play an important role in your dog's life. They prevent a number of potentially fatal diseases so your dog has a longer and healthier life. Pet vaccines are important for other reasons too, such as preventing the spread of disease in dog parks and kennels. Here's a look at why it's important to keep your dog's vaccinations up to date.

Proof Of Vaccinations May Be Needed After A Bite

If your dog ever bites a person or another dog, having proof of a current rabies vaccine might keep you out of legal trouble. When an animal bite is reported, even if it is a small one that just breaks the skin, your dog will probably have to be examined by a vet who will also check for current vaccines. Even if your dog's rabies vaccine is current, it may still be necessary to quarantine your dog for several days at home until a vet does another examination. If your dog doesn't have a current vaccine, then quarantine in a vet hospital may be necessary to watch for signs of rabies. This could cost a lot of money, especially if you have to pay a fine for not having a current rabies vaccination for your pet.

Vaccines Need To Be Current For Boarding

Current vaccines are needed for boarding your dog in a kennel. Vaccines may also be needed to use a grooming service. These rules protect your dog from picking up diseases from other dogs, and they control outbreaks in places where multiple dogs gather. While you could get vaccinations at the last minute before you leave on a trip, that only adds to the stress your pet must endure along with staying in a kennel and coping with your absence. Having the vaccines on the schedule recommended by your vet is a better approach.

Plus, your dog will always be ready to go to a kennel if it becomes necessary in an emergency. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, then having your pet's vaccination papers up to date could mean the difference between being accepted into an emergency shelter with your pet and having to scramble for last-minute arrangements for a safe place to escape a flood or storm.

Vaccines Are Often Needed For Travel

If you like to travel with your pet, or plan to start, then you'll want to carry copies of your pet's vaccinations with you so you have proof they are current. You may need current vaccines to fly or travel by train with your dog. Some states may even require a current rabies vaccination before you can cross the state line in a car. While the odds of your dog's papers being checked may be low, you don't want to risk your dog's welfare and run the risk of incurring fines by traveling without current vaccines for your dog.

While these are important reasons for vaccinating your dog, the most important reason of all is to protect your dog from diseases that cause suffering and death. For instance, rabies is a fatal condition in dogs, and it can be prevented with a simple vaccine.

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