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Tips That Can Help Keep Your Dog Safe

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You think of your pets like members of your family. You know what to do with other members of your family when there's an emergency, but do you know how to take care of your pets when there's an emergency? To help keep your dog safe, read on for some tips.

Keep Your Dog's I.D. Tag Updated

If you've moved or changed phone numbers, remember to change your dog's identification tag. If your dog gets out and is lost, this tag is going to help get him back home to you. Make sure it's updated when needed. Check it to be sure it's on your dog's collar securely and is still legible as well. Over time, this tag can loosen and fall off. Keep an eye out for it to be sure it's in place. It can also wear off over time, so be sure you can still read it.

Keep An Updated Photo Of Your Dog

Have an updated photo of your dog on hand. This will help if your dog is ever lost. It can help so you can post photos on social media, or send pictures to local shelters, or go the old school route and hang up posters in your neighborhood. Take updated photos, and have them on hand in the event this happens to you.

Put Alert Stickers On Your Door

Put alert stickers on your door or a window to let emergency responders know that there is a pet inside. In the event of a fire or something else, they will know that there is a pet inside and can help to get your beloved pet out if at all possible. Without this alert sticker, emergency responders may not know that there is a pet inside.

Be Prepared For Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, you may need to find extra care for your dog. If you don't have someone that can watch your dog for you, you may need to find somewhere for your dog to go. Your dog may need to be boarded, or you can try to find a hotel that will take dogs. Be prepared in the event of an emergency where you become displaced from your own home.

You think of your dog as family, you should care for your dog as family. Help keep your dog safe by following the tips above. If you need emergency medical assistance for your dog, take your dog to an emergency veterinarian, like those at Metzger Animal Hospital, for help.