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How To Know Your Dog Needs Critical Care

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Your dog is probably like a member of your family. Just as you would worry if any family member becomes ill, you are likely to do the same when it comes to your pet. When your pet is exhibiting certain symptoms you may wonder if they are in need of critical care. The signs of an emergency are often not very vague. 

However, bearing in mind some of the most important signs that you need to take your pet in for critical care is important. Take a look at these four signs that your pet is having a medical emergency.

Problems Urinating

A major sign that there's something wrong with your pet is when they have problems urinating. If you notice that they try to pass urine and nothing happens, it is time to visit the vet. Dogs can get urinary tract infections. These types of infections need to be treated very quickly with antibiotics.

Heavy Breathing

If your dog starts breathing heavily then this should also be of concern to you. Heavy breathing usually indicates some type of respiratory problem. This is especially true if it is accompanied by coughing. While a bit of coughing and heavy breathing is fine, constant coughing that goes on for hours on end or even days means your pet is in need of critical care.

Continuous Vomiting

Dogs vomit all the time. It may be because they have a stomach bug. This happens to humans as well and it can pass within a few hours. If you notice that your dog is vomiting constantly for more than a day it is often serious. You need to look at your pet's vomit to see if there are any unusual substances in it. Check to see if there is any blood as well.

Refusing Food and Water

If your dog starts refusing food and water for a few days, then it's time to take them to the vet. This is especially critical if they are refusing water. They can become dehydrated quickly and this can lead to severe consequences. Refusal to eat or drink after having a healthy appetite is an indicator that something is seriously wrong.

Paying careful attention to your pet is something that every pet owner should do. If you are an observant pet owner it will be easier for you to spot changes in your pet's behavior and health. Once you notice any changes that are out of the ordinary, you should go ahead and contact your vet.

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